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Beaver Canyon Cemetery

 (8 interments, 2 marked graves)

Past Spencer towards Monida Pass

Camas Meadows Brooks' Gravesite

Bugler Brooks from the Battle at Camas Meadows

(Twp 12N Rge 39E Sec 20).  Historical site, burial site SW of Camas Meadows Battle Ground. 

Clark County Cemetery

(3 interments)


Dubois Cemetery

(366 interments)


John Day Cemetery

(37 interments)

N 44.138 / W 112.900  -- near Blue Dome, West side of Hwy 28 North of Long Canyon Road.

Fort Harkness Glass Gravesite

(Twp 13N Rge 36E Sec 16).  Historical Stage Station Site.  Exit Stoddard Creek Exit 184, take Forest Road 323 (old US-91, 2.7 miles North to the turn off for Pleasant Valley.  It is on the left (West) side of the road, just before US-91 goes under I-15.  Follow Forest Road 0.6 miles to the Soldier's grave. 

Goddard Cemetery

(5 interments)

N 43.997 / W 112.847 -- Just off Northside of W. Foothill Road.

Humphrey Cemetery

(49 interments)

Humphrey (Twp 14N Rge 36E Sec 33).  Humphrey Exit 190, drive North along old US-91 about 0.7 miles.  (Lies between Old US-91 and I-15). Thirty-seven marked graves and twelve unmarked graves. Earliest burial 1899, latest burial 2009.

Old Kilgore Cemetery

(39 interments)

1 m N and .5 m W of Spencer-Kilgore junction (near A-2 Clark County Rd and Vadnais Lane.  N 44.373 / W 111.923

Reno Family Cemetery

(3 interments)

Near Reno Point

Second Kilgore Cemetery

(20 interments)

1 m W of Spencer-Kilgore junction on road to Spencer, just South of Old Kilgore Cemetery.  N 44.366 / W 111.931

Shamrock Springs Cemetery

(2 interments)

Near Winsper, NW of Lidy Hot Springs.

Small Cemetery

(66 interments)

Lower Medicine Lodge Canyon area.  Seventeen members of the Small Family are buried here.

Spencer Cemetery

(88 interments)


(Sulpher) Lidy Hot Springs Cemetery


(5 interments)

Hot Springs on Gilmore/Salmon Trail (Twp 9N Rge 34 Sec 11).  Early Hot Springs along freighters trail headed for Gilmore/Salmon.  Now Hwy 22 passes by connecting to Hwy 28, 14.7 miles to the South.  Cemetery plot located along fence on private property on mining business.                                                                             

Browse by County - Clark, Feature Type - Cemetery
Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Lon
 Goddard Cemetery Cemetery Clark Richard Butte 5392 feet 43.997N 112.848W
 John Day Cemetery Cemetery Clark Blue Dome 6019 feet 44.139N 112.901W
 Kilgore Cemetery Cemetery Clark Idmon 6327 feet 44.373N 111.924W
 New Kilgore Cemetery Cemetery Clark Idmon 6304 feet 44.367N 111.932W

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