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I have some info on the CCC Camp.  It was right here in Dubois, located where the Lindy Ross Elementary School is now located at the south end of town.  I can remember it.  The Loy Johnson that was mentioned on this site was one who remained here in Dubois, married and raised his family here.  There were about five or six of those boys that did just that.  The camp was here about three years.   There was another camp located just north of here about six miles at the U.S. Sheep Experiment Station. (Pocatello was mentioned, it is just over 100 miles south of Dubois.) They did a lot of projects around this area to help the communities. They apparently had their own doctors also.  I remember having a typhoid scare at our Medicine Lodge School because of the water we drank that was put into the old cistern.  That doctor came out and gave us all shots, at least a couple of times. (I passed out every time, he scared me to death.)  The men that remained here were H.E. Kator, Loy Johnson, Bennie D. Harmon, Ted Twordac, & George Hurst, as I remember. I'm not sure, but some of this camp may have gone over to Mackay from here, that is quite a ways from here, beyond Arco.

This information was provided by Bonnie Stoddard, Clark County Historian.  Our appreciation for the time and effort to provide additional information and names.


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